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About D. Phillips Productions

D. Phillips Productions is a multimedia company; specializing in videography, filming, and editing for wedding; entertainment, arts, sports; corporate, small business, educational; and church events. We offer very reasonable and affordable basic video service packages, while ultimately providing quality service to our valued clients.

David L. Phillips is the Founder and CEO of D. Phillips Productions. As a multimedia professional, David's career consists of many successful accomplishments including: public broadcast channel television program producer, director, and videographer; coauthor of the inspiring novel, Journey's Pathway ; playwright, producer, and director of the the emotionally heart wrenching live stage play production, The Scar; and videographer and DVD filming editor for numerous entertainment functions.

For each service provided to our valued clients, D. Phillips Productions will donate a portion of its sales to benefit Testimony Group, Inc.; a multimedia youth organization that provides specialized training in videography, filming, editing, and life skills enrichment on behalf of at risk youth.

Additional Generous Donations to Testimony Group, Inc. Are Greatly Appreciated!

D. Phillips Productions is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our team is available to travel on location if your event is outside this area.

Additional Fees for Customized Services and Travel Expenses Apply.

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