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Are You Interested In Hosting Your Own Television Show?

If you answered 'yes' ,

then this opportunity could be just for you!

This may be your time to shine by sharing valuable information through television to help make a tremendous impact upon the lives of the viewing audience on Spectrum TV Access - Channel 21 in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas and globally on Fire Stick TV and AT&T U-verse - Channel 99. You may host your own 30 minute weekly television program as a pastor or ministry leader representing your church through preaching; share your expertise or advice as it relates to your business, organization, or profession to bring about awareness; or you can host a talk show with featured guests formatted to entertain the general audience. 

For your convenience, D. Phillips productions is available to film and edit your own television show for on air local public broadcasting submission accordingly. However, Producer availability is limited, so go ahead and secure your spot now to prepare to host your own television show!

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